Thursday, 27 April 2017

NEW - Connection Round's

If you're looking for an additional quiz round then why not take a look at our 'Connections Round' quizzes. 

The connections quiz round is a good way to test teams during a standard pub quiz night - It features 9 general knowledge quiz questions and question 10 is "Guess the connection between all, or part of each answer"


This week we uploaded "All Died in a Plane Crash." 


You can take a look at all of our 'Connection Round' quizzes here: 

Want to mix up your pub quiz?

Want to mix up your pub quiz? Then why not try our latest 'Big Bingo Quiz Pack.' 

The quiz master reads out 36 questions and teams write their answers in any box and the relevant number in the accompanying circle on their Bingo answer sheets.

Teams hand in their duplicate copy.

The quizmaster then reads out the answers in the random order issued by us. As soon as a team have a complete straight line vertically, horizontally or diagonally, they shout house.

If all 6 answers are correct - they win!!!!

In the event of a tie or if no valid claims are made, the winners will be the team with the most correct in total or resort to our tiebreaker.



Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Take a look at our *NEW* Subject Round quizzes:

10 questions on a specific subject. Ideal if you want to make your own themed quiz. 


1. Sport 

Which Australian golfer is nicknamed ‘The Great White Shark’? 


2.  British Holidays 

10 quiz questions all about British Holidays - Near which U.K. seaside resort will you find the following attractions? 


3.  Newspapers 

Which newspaper is the EastEnders local evening paper? 


4.  Seconds 

What was the second book in the 'Harry Potter' series by J.K. Rowling? 


5.  Ess

Every answer contains '"ess" - Bobby Fischer was world champion in which sport?


All available to download now: 

We've uploaded a BRAND NEW 'Bumper Quiz Pack' for you!

Featuring 10 rounds of 10 questions plus a 20 picture quiz round - it's an ideal quiz for a themed night that will last up to 2 hours.

The quiz contains the following rounds;
Round 1 - Mixed Bag
Round 2 - 13
Round 3 - New - Every answer contains the word 'New'
Round 4 - Saints
Round 5 - Science and Nature
Round 6 - Lions
Round 7 - Geography
Round 8 - Nursery Rhymes
Round 9 - Art - Every answer contains the word 'Art'
Round 10 - Mixed Bag Wipeout Round
Plus a 20 picture quiz round on - Human Anatomy - 

Each pack also contains, scoresheet, quiz poster and team answer sheet. 


Everything you need to run the ultimate quiz, available to download now: 


If you're looking for a smaller/easier quiz then why not download our 'Easier Quiz pack' featuring 5 rounds and a 10 picture quiz round on Human Anatomy:

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Why not download our latest 'Who Am I' mystery person quiz?

We give you 10 clues with a descending point value. Each team gets one guess and if correct they receive the points from that clue. 

This weeks clues are all about girl band 'Little Mix' 


Available to download instantly: 

*NEW* Current Affairs round

Have you downloaded our latest Current Affairs quiz?

10 questions on all those headline makers of the week. From the World Cycling Championships to Turkish presidents, how much have your teams been paying attention to the news?


Available to download instantly: 

Monday, 17 April 2017


Bored of quiz questions or do your teams need something a little lighter than a standard quiz?

We've uploaded some *NEW* Quiz Fortunes for you to spice up your pub quiz!

This quiz is based on our surveys of visitors to our website and is similar to the TV show Family Fortunes or Family Feud

The quiz master reads out a simple question..... e.g. "Name a world champion"

Teams complete their 4 guesses as to the top 4 answers in our corresponding survey.

There are 12 different questions

Once answer sheets have been collected or exchanged with another team, the quizmaster reads out the answers. For every answer a team has that corresponds to one of the top 4 answers in our survey, they receive 1 point plus a bonus point if the answer they nominate as top answer corresponds to our top answer.

The winning team is the one with most total points.

In the event of a tie, we provide a tie-break question.

Available to download instantly: