Thursday, 25 August 2016

Help Quiz Writer Phil Raise Money For Hospice UK

The best ideas come in a pub - and some of the worst too...

Our main quiz writer Phil had a drink fuelled moment that has led to him running the Yorkshire Marathon in October at the age of 50 and 17 stone in weight!

It's not all bad though - he's running in aid of Hospice UK so someone will benefit from his pain

Please sponsor him and running partner Stella here -

This is where is all all seemed such a good idea at the time!

All donations gratefully received!

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

French themed quizzes for Bastille Day on 14th July

14th July is Bastille Day

Host a French themed quiz with one of our range of quizes - loads of picture quiz rounds and French themed handout quizzes and table quiz rounds You can see our full range of French themed quizzes here

US Independence Day quizzes - ideal for 4th July

4th July is American Independence Day - wherever you are in the world, it's a great excuse for an American themed pub quiz or to a dd a round or two to your normal pub quiz night

We have complete American Pub Quizzes - 10 round bumper quiz costs £8.50, a 5 round quiz pack costs £5.50 No quizmaster required with our American handout quizzes and table quiz rounds or give your interval an American spin with some U.S. picture quizzes Click here for our American Independence Day pub quiz selection

Monday, 27 June 2016

It's Wimbledon fortnight - time for a tennis themed quiz

It's Wimbledon fortnight

Celebrate with a tennis themed quiz - we have a brand new Wimbledon 2016 picture quiz featuring seeded players, a Wimbledon greats picture quiz round and some tennis themed quizzes For a quiz without a quizmaster, we also have some Wimbledon handout quiz rounds Click here for Wimbledon pub quizzes

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Added Today Bingo Quiz 618

Added this week - Bingo Quiz 618 - A 25 question general knowledge quiz with a Bingo twist.

Quiz Bingo is an ideal quiz to run at a regular quiz night where the same teams win every week or for a hotel or house party where you want to run a quiz with an element of luck

The quiz master reads out 25 questions and teams write their answers in any box and the relevant number in the accompanying circle on their Bingo answer sheets.

Teams hand in their duplicate copy.

The quizmaster then reads out the answers in the random order issued by us. As soon as a team have a complete straight line vertically, horizontally or diagonally, they shout house.
If all 5 answers are correct - they win!!!!

Each instant download pack includes questions, randomised answers, full instructions, team answer sheets and quiz poster 

To order Bingo Quiz 618 click here -

To see the full range of 25 question Bingo quiz packs click here

Added Today Easier Quiz Pack 1641

Added this week – Easier Quiz Pack 1641 - A 5 round general knowledge pub quiz with a 10 picture Interval Round ideal for a more light hearted pub quiz audience.

The quiz includes the following rounds:

Round 1 - Mixed Bag General Knowledge
Round 2 - Mixed Bag General Knowledge
Round 3 - Mixed Bag General Knowledge
Round 4 - Mixed Bag General Knowledge
Round 5 - Mixed Bag General Knowledge

Interval Round – Pop Music of the 2000s

Plus a Scoresheet, Answer Sheet and Poster.

To purchase Easier Quiz Pack QP1641 click here –

To see the full range of Easier Quiz Packs click here –